GETTING STARTED – a jump into the unknown



To begin, I didn’t know there were groups to join. I have lovely friends and most of them are married and not available for the activities I wanted to explore. Single friends were not always adventurous or interested in the same activities I wanted to explore. And then there is the cost. I am lucky that I have a number of jobs so I can splash out. My mum keeps asking me when I am going to slow down. But I don’t want to. I want to keep going and every job I take on finances a new adventure.

So when I was first widowed I was in shock and needed to stay cocooned in the protection of friends and family. But eventually I began to feel normal and people around me were getting on with their lives and I had to do the same. I couldn’t expect to be looked after and invited out all the time – I had to find a way of getting back into the world and living a full life.

In the past 5 years I have not allowed anything to get out of my way of embracing life and having adventures. Here a few things I have done –

·         Explored Buckingham Palace and The Houses of Parliament (with afternoon tea thrown in of course).

·         Walked with wolves

·         Climbed over the top of the O2 building.

·         Explored the American Mid West and California.

·         Eaten numerous meals on meal shuffles.

·         Learnt to use an SLR camera.

·         Cruised the Caribbean and danced with Angels into the early hours.

·         Taken afternoon tea at The Savoy and The Ritz

·         Danced with outrageous transvestites in a lively club in Soho.

Why should I show down?

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I started by looking in libraries to see if there were any local singles groups gathering together for a social life but where I live this was a none starter. Eventually I went on line and my first find was JUST YOU holidays. When I opened their link I was delighted to see the range of holidays on offer. But in the back of my mind was an ominous voice warning me that I was a vulnerable single woman and could be sold into the slave market if I went off on my own with a dodgy company. So I signed up for a weekend break in the UK and had a fabulous time with lovely people and a host who made the whole event comfortable. When I got home I jumped straight onto n my computer and booked a big long haul holiday and so the adventures began. Since this time I have discovered and travelled with SOLOS and EXPLORE. There are other companies but I have no at the time of writing travelled with them.

During my foray into holidays I began to wish there was a less formal group where smaller events could be booked. I tried a company called MIDSUMMER’S EVE which did not suit me. But then whilst on a holiday someone recommended SPICE and since then I have not looked back.

More to follow…

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THE SINGLE LIFE – a bit of a rant

Unloved and unlovable…OR…running wild the envy of friends with boring partners living the high life?

I wish I could tell you it is one or the other. Most of the time it’s a bit of both. But on a positive note it mainly the latter – single, free from relationship commitments and having adventures.

I was widowed 13 years ago and in all the time since my husband’s death I have not been flirted with or asked out. When I was first widowed so many friends (all with husbands or partners) made knowledgeable predictions that I would soon be snapped up by someone and I would be beating off men with a stick. Initially I was a bit stunned – was I supposed to replace my husband of so many years as a means of moving on with my life? But as time passed and I began to consider the possibility of getting into a relationship I realised the world had changed since I was a teenager, in the lively days before I got married. And I also discovered (after a period of some time) that the world is full of people in my position – of all ages and backgrounds; men and women, divorced, widowed, or never wanting to make a commitment to another person.

And generally there is all one thing we agree on –it’s alright to be single, to be selfish with our time and money. And we are having adventures and experiences. We are travelling the world, trying extreme sports, dining in lovely restaurants – it’s all out there and I am having a go at trying everything.

But sometimes after a long day at work when I arrive home and shut the door and realise that I am again home alone I wonder why I am single? Am I too old, too unattractive? Am I invisible to members of the opposite sex?

But enough moaning.

I am going to use this blog to record the things I do and hope that there might be someone out there in my position who doesn’t know how to get involved with different organisations or taking that plunge into a single holiday and inspire them t join all of us who are Flying Solo – Flying Free…

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Hello world!

So here I am.

A single woman.

A woman living in the hustle and bustle of 2013 and life is not the same before I was married and the dating scene seemd so simple.

But I took the plunge into the social world for single peple and its great. This is what I am exploring and communicating in the blogs that follow.

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